The circumstances we’ve faced during this past year have caused many of us to rearrange our priorities, change our focus, and allowed us time to contemplate things we did not have time to concentrate on before.

This refocus has had a definite effect on my life, as well as on my work.

As a visual artist, this shift has afforded me the time to slow down and appreciate scenes I have photographed before with a keener sense of awareness and to consider them from a different perspective.

I have always found solace at the seashore. The ocean with its various moods has inspired much of my previous work; many of my most contemplative photographs are of the sea.

In this series my perspective has changed from encompassing the whole landscape to contemplating the details of the Tidelands, the land submerged at high tide and revealed when the tide recedes. This overlap between land and sea exposes a subtle beauty that is not always immediately apparent; shifting light and shadows, textures, patterns, designs and miniature landscapes are revealed, including the magical world contained just below the surface of the shallow waters in the tidepools.

Just as the retreating tide reveals the Tideland, so does the ebb and flow of our personal tideland reveal and conceal different aspects of our psyches … and just as the ebb tide hides the sand below it, when feelings are dismissed or overlooked they don’t disappear, they are merely hidden only to reappear when given the opportunity.

It is by recognizing, accepting and honoring the feelings that lie below the surface, that we can better learn to understand one another, and ourselves, in the hope of becoming a more complete person.

—Maureen J Haldeman


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