In A Different Light

In A Different Light

The world is currently experiencing a moment in time where life as we know it has drastically changed, leaving us to cope with a heightened sense of uncertainty and vulnerability. At the same time, it has provided us more time to contemplate our existence and the meaning of life in ways we have never done before. As a visual artist this has afforded me time to slow down to appreciate and experience a keener awareness of familiar scenes I have photographed numerous times and to now consider them from a different perspective.

Rather than conforming to the normal expectations of the ideal landscape, the images in In A Different Light accentuate the essence of the scene rather than the literal depiction. By exploring the dynamics of the environment, where sea and sky intersect, these images conjure the realm of imagined horizons and tap into feelings derived from our circumstance; they transcend the reality of the locale to create emotional impact.

By investigating individual interpretations when viewing the natural world ‘in a different light’, these interpretive naturescapes can be considered in different ways to pose fundamental questions regarding our very existence and what place we have in this world.

—Maureen J Haldeman


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