Liquid Light

Liquid Light

Liquid Light is a body of work exploring the transformational, spiritual and physical qualities of the ocean. The images reflect not only my psychological state while capturing the work but the imagery allows for an intimacy with the intangible state of liquid. The constant motion and singularity of each wave echo time at its most fleeting, the ebb and flow a constant reminder never to waste precious elements such as time or to lay waste to our planet’s essential waters.

Printing the photographs on metal unifies the visual theme of my work; enhancing the surface reflections of the sun the images are literally illuminated. The sea becomes a mirror of the world surrounding it.

Each wave, each movement and gesture of the water is unique, transitory, and momentary. Through my luminous visual statement, Liquid Light allows me to transform a split second of captured beauty into yet anther state of being.

—Maureen J Haldeman


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